Today we went to the Atlantic Ocean. Started at Ocean City, MD. The surf was up and the Eastern Surfers Association was present with their surfer dudes in wetsuits this website trying to catch a wave. They weren抰 like on television: the waves were not ten footers. So the action was slow.

Ocean City has a boardwalk, teeming with people, even on an early (say 11:00 o抍lock) Sunday morning. Around the boardwalk are a couple of amusement parks with rides, including a Ferris wheel and a couple of small roller coasters. We were told about Thrashers French Fries, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, served with salt and vinegar. Of course, we had to sample some of the local cuisine. For $4.00 for a sixteen ounce cup overflowing with them, they were pricey, yet tasty. They don抰 quite measure up to the ones served in the Country Bazaar at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL. These are pretty close throne rush hack to them.

Also at Ocean City, at the base of the boardwalk is a life saving museum, which displays different techniques in lifesaving in history. Unfortunately, the doors do not open until Memorial Day.

If you want to take a quick walk down the boardwalk, get there early and park in the parking lot at the base of it, near the museum. It is free for the first half-hour. Then they charge one dollar per battle camp hack cheats hour. If you like to walk, park further North about a half a mile up the street. The parking there is free. You can walk down the boardwalk.

For non-Easterners a boardwalk is common along the Atlantic Ocean in the Northern states. I did not see any in Florida or the Carolinas. They are common in Delaware and New Jersey. It is a wooden walkway about twenty feet wide built on the sand, usually on pilings. To the East is the beach and the Ocean. To the West is the rest of the town with hotels, restaurants, rental units, etc. In some cities, for example, Ocean City, MD and Asbury Park, NJ, and Coney Island, NY, there are amusement parks, which are attached to the walk. So along both sides of the promenade are souvenir shops, fast food outlets, “games of skill” emporiums, and any other type of establishment one would find at a fair or tourist trap. Of course, there are the throngs of people out for a good time.

Other boardwalks are quite reserved. The one at Bethany Beach, advertised as the quiet beach is quiet. The Walk separates the town from the sand. Railings and benches are available for people to sit and look at the sun and surf bathers. In the spring, few flock into the waters. How do you say brrr? During the summer with the sun shining and heating up the sand the boardwalk lets you enjoy the sights without having to do a Dudley Moore from the movie “Ten”.
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